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The Model — Make a compelling video, generate ad revenue, earn money, repeat

If you submit a compelling video explaining a problem in our democracy and how you’d fix it, we will post it to this site.

Each video is connected to a donation link, and viewers can donate to their favorite videos.

This donation will be split 50/50, with half going directly to ads to further extend the reach of the video (and get more donations) and half going to the creator.

Our goal is to encourage creativity, explain how to fix our democracy, and reward artists fighting for democracy.

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This Project Explained

On September 4th, 2023, we put out a call to creators across the country: Make a video explaining the legal mistake that led to superpacs. The best video would win a $50,000 prize.

By November 7th, 2023, we had received over 150 video entries. Shortly thereafter, our panel of judges began deliberating and announced the winner of the competition. You can see the winners and our favorite entries here.

We were so inspired by the creativity and brilliance of all the creators that we wanted to figure out a way to continue to provide opportunities for them to create for democracy. So we launched this new project, which can incentivize people to make creative videos about democracy and earn not just praise but also compensation for their work.

About Equal Citizens

Established in 2017, Equal Citizens is a non-partisan organization founded by Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig. Our mission is to run creative campaigns to educate about and advocate for fundamental reforms that reduce the influence of big money in politics and ensure political equality for all U.S. citizens.

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There are a number of ways to help fix democracy. You can donate to a specific video, donate to support all the videos, or create a new video — and potentially earn money for doing it! The success of this project depends on you!

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