About Equal Citizens

Established in 2017, Equal Citizens is a non-partisan organization founded by Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig. Our mission is to run creative campaigns to educate about and advocate for fundamental reforms that reduce the influence of big money in politics and ensure political equality for all U.S. citizens.

Our campaigns include:

  • A lawsuit clarifying the role of electors in presidential elections, which made it to the Supreme Court.
  • A successful educational campaign about the federal Freedom to Vote Act, which almost became law in 2021.
  • A series of Democracy Town Halls with 2020 presidential candidates in New Hampshire. Attendees included Bernie Sanders, Kirsten Gillibrand, Tom Steyer, and more.
  • A lawsuit that fought against age discrimination in mail ballots during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic
  • Litigation over the Electoral College, which generated press in major outlets
  • Over 100 episodes of Another Way, our democracy-focused podcast with thousands of listeners.